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The easier you make it for people to buy from you, the more likely they are to buy and the more they’ll spend. Mid Atlantic Processing, LLC, founded by Rony Natanzon in 2004, can help you make credit and debit card transactions quick and simple, with programs that include:
Bank Card Acceptance
Gift Card Programs
Debit Card Processing
EBT Processing

A Few Key Industry Facts
Last year, consumers used debit cards for over 9 billion transactions worth more than $450 billion.
A staggering 47% percent of all companies require their employees to use American Express for all chargeable expenses
Gift Card revenue is expected to surpass $97 Billion by 2007
Cash usage is declining by 3% annually
On the average, American Express cardholders spend two and a half times as much as other cardholders
There are more than 50 million Discover Card members in the U.S.

Your Business, Your Choice
Mid Atlantic Processing (MAP), LLC, founded by Rony Natanzon in 2004, offers you options to fit your business:
Swipe equipment that automatically processes credit cards with one swipe
All-in-One equipment that processes cards and checks with one small, space-saving terminal
Wireless processing via terminal, cell phone or alpha-numeric pager
Keyed, Moto transaction processing
Internet payment gateway
PC based processing
Telephone credit card approval

See how you can save with Mid Atlantic Processing (MAP), LLC on your Credit Processing Fees - Credit Card Processing Savings Calculator!.

Various Fees Associated with Credit Card Processing Merchant Account:
Many factors can influence the discount rate and other fees you pay for the privilege of accepting various charge cards. Among those factors: the length of time you have been in business, the percentage of your sales that are made over the phone or the Internet, the type of business you are in, your personal credit rating, the average dollar amount of each sales transaction, the total dollar amount of sales per month.
Typically, however, discounts rates ranged from 1.69 to 3.89 percent.
Some companies charge as much as a 5 percent discount rate. While poor personal credit or the type of business you run might possibly cause you to have to pay that much, do not agree to such a high a discount rate until you have personally determined that no other company will process your charges at a lower rate. Even though banks in many parts of the country still don't want to deal with home and small business merchant accounts, it is not as difficult as it once was for new, home mail order businesses to get merchant status - at least not if the owners have good personal credit and aren't selling any controversial products or services.
Some companies advertise discount fees less than 1.49 percent. Usually these lower fees are for certain types of cards only or may be for certain business types only such as supermarkets whose huge volumes demand lower pricing.
Therefore, in comparing processors, be sure to find out what all of the fees will be. Compare not only the application fees and the discount rate, but also the initial cost of equipment, transaction fees (the fee you pay on top of the discount for each transaction you process), monthly minimums, voice verification charges, address verification fees, monthly statement fees, and any other costs you will incur. A difference of 10 cents on the transaction fee is equivalent to a one-half a percent on the discount rate if your average sale is $20. Or, try our calculator at
Some companies require you to maintain an account in their bank in order to process cards. Read all such agreements closely to determine under what circumstances the bank can put a hold on your account, and how much of the account it can hold back. Find out how often you can withdraw money from such accounts, and check with your own local bank to find out how long it will take to clear checks drawn on the merchant bank.
To find out what rate you qualify for please contact us, at Mid Atlantic Processing (MAP), LLC.

Are there monthly minimum fees associated with accepting credit cards?
As with any bank account there are monthly fees assed to all merchants in association with their merchant processing account.
It costs the bank money to have an account open whether any transactions are processed through an account or not. For that reason most bankcard processors charge monthly minimum fees that are associated with having your merchant processing accountopen and functioning.

All fees and transaction rates are dependant on the volume and the number of transactions processed by each merchant.
All monthly minimums vary from processor to processor. As do the myriad of other fees related to a processing account. If you see a lower monthly fee with one processor compared to a lower or ‘free’ statement fee with another processor realize that they are all charging you for the services rendered. Don't fall for the free.
Since all processors are very competitive we, at Mid Atlantic Processing (MAP), LLC, have chosen the best one to fit the needs of our merchants. Please contact us for more information.

What is a chargeback and are there any fees? Charge backs and fees: Where do you fit in?
Visa / MasterCard regulations are designed to protect the consumer. One of the ways that the regulations protect the consumer is by allowing for a consumer dispute mechanism built into the merchant credit card processing flow.
A cardholder may dispute a credit card charge for many reasons, and when they do it is called a "charged back". The cardholder is within his/her legal rights to begin procedures to dispute the charge up to six months after the date of sale.
A majority of companies who sell any type of goods will have the occasional charge back. As a merchant you must be aware of the charge back fees involved especially if you consider your self a charge back type of business. Any resell of goods, electrical goods, clothing, etc would be considered as a high risk for charge backs. Please consult with your processor or contact us, at Mid Atlantic Processing (MAP), LLC, so that we can explain how you can limit chargebacks.

What is a Discount Rate?
The discount rate is the percentage of sales amounts that the bankcard acquirer or travel and entertainment (T&E) card issuer (i.e., American Express, Discover, etc) charges merchants to process a transaction. Much of the discount rate is dictated by the "interchange" costs imposed by the card associations.

What is a Transaction Fee?
A Transaction fee is a static fee charged to each transaction by the bankcard acquirer. As with the discount rate much of the transaction fee is also dictated by the “interchange” costs imposed by the card associations.

Payment Gateways
A Payment Gateway gives a merchant the ability to pass credit card data, authorization requests, and authorization responses over the Internet using encryption technology.
    All internet merchants need to use a Payment Gateway if:
  1. You have an online store and are accepting credit cards.
  2. You allow for consumers to log into your web site and keep vital info there.
  3. You require consumers to provide sensitive data such as: address, birth date, license, or credit card numbers.
  4. You want your consumers to be able to shop securely.
    When a transaction is processed via the internet:
  • -The transaction information is sent by the Payment Gateway secure server via the internet to the credit card network where the validity of the card is checked and the availability of funds on that account is verified. An authorization code is returned via the internet to the Payment Gateway (usually within 4 seconds); the authorization is encrypted by the Payment Gateway and transmitted in encrypted form to the web server of the merchant.
  • - Once the merchant has received an authorization fulfillment of the order can take place.
  • - Rather than try and create their own Secure Web System, including a shopping cart, businesses can purchase the “Total Package” which includes everything needed to set up an internet store.
  • - Many payment gateways also include a virtual terminal which can be used to process MOTO credit card payments as well.

Marty Taylor currently serves as the Vice President of Mid Atlantic Processing (MAP), LLC, a role he has held since 2004